Monday, August 18, 2008

An Open Letter to my *Former* Gyno....

I'm a pretty patient person. Most of the time. Well, some of the time. To strangers I am a very patient person. The reason being, I am cursing you out or complaining about your slow self to any friend* that will listen/let me rant to them. So, yes, patient, me, sometimes, never, maybe, slowly learning, possibly no.

Dear Dr. Weinstein,

However pleased I am that you deliver babies, work with the wonder of life, and bring happiness into the world in the form of squirming children is severely clouded by you or your staff's inability to properly schedule a check-up for me. Perhaps it is just me but I take my OBGYN appointments seriously. I see no reason why you should not as well. I schedule them more than a month in advance, am very flexible with time, always have my insurance card including co-pay ready in exact change, and as if all of that was not enough, I always show up early. With all due respect, I am the epitome of a perfect patient. In spite of this, you or your staff deem in necessary to constantly and consistently re-schedule my yearly exams.

This is not the first time, not the second, or third. I've actually lost count of how many times this situation has occurred and replayed in various tones and keys. The song is old and annoying similar to "the Venga-bus" by I believe The Venga Boys. However, I digress. Following the tradition of letter-writing I was taught...I must praise you for the one time you were able to schedule me in an emergency appointment. Too bad, I didn't try to squeeze in a check-up in that one time. See, because, when I called you a month later to ask about a prescription your slightly incompentant office staff informed me that I would need to make an appointment to see you...again. Don't you believe once was enough, Weinstein? Obviously not.

After running out of work in the midst of the piles I am faced with only to find out that my appointment has been cancelled, I have come to the realization that this situation, this relationship if you will, is no longer working for me. Not only was I cancelled, I was not given any dates to work with in my voicemail. When I call back I find that the next available appointment is September 22nd. For something you did, I must pay? No, I think not. A meek half mumbled apology from your office staff won't cut it this time. No, I believe that we are finished. I find it necessary to seek out a new mountain on which to rest. Besides, why should I bust myself to get out of work because you can't hold later hours when I can find a much more suitable situation closer to home with much more competent office staff with the understanding that if one's appointment was cancelled by the doctor then all should be done to try and squeeze them in as soon as possible; a lesson you and your office staff need to learn. While you're at the learning tree have your staff come away with professionalism, a courteous and at least civil disposition. We have reached the end of our road, the finale of our time together. I hope there are no more encores as I do not have time to plan my life around your schedule. I have a life too!

So, with these, farewell Dr. Weinstein. I'll go find a Dr that can fit me into her schedule and provide the prescriptions I need without the headaches you have been so adept at giving me.

With no love lost,
a former patient

PS. As soon as I schedule a new dr's appointment tomorrow morning you can be assured that I will be canceling my September 22nd appointment.

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Vanessa said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog haha no the BF didn't really propose but that would have been hilarious! Hope you feel better (as I read you had a broken leg) :(